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Well, it's official...I'm a BLUNT mom. What does this mean (besides the obvious right?!)? I get to be my amusingly sassy bitchy bold self and someone else is going to publish it as well!!! Check out all the hot mess mommas telling it like it is at BLUNTmoms. We're all cray. Xx.

I'm a PTPA Blogaholic!

Got an email the other day saying I've been accepted onto the PTPA Blogaholics panel. Do I hear a what, what?! You'll have to come over an visit and you might as well sign up for FREE and become a product tester. Check us out at PTPA Media Cheers. Xx.

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So randomly I take a walk (aka mouse-trip) through the blogosphere and try to find something that interests me enough to talk about it. That said I have now ended up here, at Urban Mommy where I laugh myself all the way to the bathroom, true story. Thanks Urb! Xx.

My Rockin Award

So I was pretty surprised and all sorts of excited when I seen that Destiny over at Rockin' Mama thought I was a big ass awesome enough to rock her balls and land myself her blog award. Not only is she super fun, she's just as badass as a few others I know so check her out! Thanks D Xx.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

My new home

I went and got a facelift and moved..

Right over to 'Desperately Seeking Me'

Come start your new affair with me over there.

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and my own, NOT influenced in any way.

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Kinda up and disappeared

Jesus. I really didn't think I'd tap in my site addy and see that the last time I was in here was October. Wow. I guess an apology is in ahh, sorry?

LOTS of stuff has been going on over the last few months. I started a new job which was fantastic, IS fantastic and I hope continues to be fantastic and have literally been working my ass off. Well, not literally. If I was literally working my ass off it would be smaller and it is not!!!

My birthday came...and went. Nothing exciting to report there except I turned 35. The. Fuck?!.

Moving right along we come to Christmas. *sigh* I wish I could say I love this time of the year but really, when financially everything sucks severe balls I absolutely loathe every...single...thing. So yeah it sucked. Not only did I put myself in severe debt (yes I know I'm not the only one), but it has drained me physically and emotionally because I was stressing out to the max about it. OMG what will I do when my kids wake up and we only have a few things under the tree?! Despite all the shit about it's not the number of gifts you get, but the time spent with your family and all that. Umm explain that to 3 kids under 9! They don't give a shit about the quality of time with their family, they just want stuff. Sure it's all in how you raise then but how do you raise them to want not? You don't. EVERYONE around them is talking about all the awesome things they are asking "Santa" for, showing off the things they got early because they went and visited at grandma's house or the television is making them ape shit because of all the crazy commercials for the things you just can't go without.

Needless to say, we pulled some magician shit and managed to give them a decent Christmas, definitely downsized from last year...and the year before that and yet I am worse off this year than any other year.

Enough of Christmas. New Years came as well. 2014 to be exact. What came out of 2013 and into 2014 that I give 2 shits about? Nothing at all really.

Well wait, I lie...let me break down a few things that I remember or think are worth mentioning.

- Steve finally proposed to Kema...or vice versa. Either way I'm not sure but it's about fucking time!!!!
- The douchebag from my previous job got canned after I left because of her pathetic attempt at running a bunch of stores.
- Got new job and before the end of 2013 managed to get a good set of staff and working on 1 more lol
- My hair got longer
- My sister found of she was with spawn...err child. We are waiting impatiently in 2014 for her to show up.
- Moose lost a tooth. Well she didn't really lose it she just grabbed ahold of it and yanked it out because she felt like it. She is so hardcore! The first one came out all by itself.

And the more I struggle to think of all these additional things the more depressed I get because the bad shit that happened in 2013 FAR outweighs the good.

So what am I going to do in 2014? Say fuck it. To everything bad and negative and just move on with it. These aren't resolutions by any means because I shouldn't have to set a goal and accomplish that, it should just be natural improvements. So here they are.

Pretend the assholes don't exist and laugh happily in the front row knowingly.

Find time for me. This includes getting healthier and happier with myself. Lose some weight is a must. Baseball starts again in just over 4 months and I am not playing at the weight I was last year, just hell no.

Appreciate what matters most more and let everything else just roll off the shoulders.

Find positive influences in my life with friends and work.

Get involved more in my network of people for a variety of reasons.

BUDGET...and learn from it. Might alleviate some of the pressure.

Socialize and trust more. Not everyone gets off on breaking that.

Forget the past, live in the present and look forward to the future! Wow...those are some powerful words aren't they. Maybe that should just be the one and only right there.

What are YOU going to do?

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes free of charge. All opinions expressed are honest and my own, NOT influenced in any way.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

New Job

Is it just me or does anyone else start a new job and it takes weeks of trying to get organized before you honestly have any time to do something other than sleep, eat, work, cook, clean, shower and sleep again?

I feel completely discombobulated and the best part is, I'm only a fraction of the way through the above. I LOVE my new job, working for a new retailer, but the state of my store is kind of one big hot mess (I seem to always get this) and I need to completely overhaul everything. This is both exciting and terrifying only because I'm an all or nothing kind of girl and it's a giant store.

So here's to multiple nights of coming home and drinking as much red as I can before doing it all again the next day.

Stay awesome readers!

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Friday, 20 September 2013

What the Blog?!

As with every position I’ve ever had in my career, expectations and responsibilities are pretty much the center of that universe. There are not only the expectations that my employer sets for me, but ones that I set for myself.

Because social media has evolved rapidly and includes a wide variety of mediums, companies are trying to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. Take for example the blogging revolution. Compare now to 10 years ago, even 5 years, and you will see that not only the number of people doing it has grown exponentially but the number of companies engaging bloggers to improve their client/customer outreach has grown. Companies are benefiting astronomically from blogging campaigns that go viral instantly. Blogging is the new black.

A few short years ago virtually any blogger could apply for a campaign with a brand and be accepted with open arms, given product to review as a form of compensation and they would move along…happy. Somewhere down the line a change occurred. There started to be a distinction between different types of bloggers and based on my experience, this is what I have found.

In one case you have what I have dubbed the hobbyist. This is typically the blogger that is potentially working (whether for a company or even as a SAHM) and thus where their priority is. They are anywhere from average to super computer savvy and use blogging as a form of outlet. Whether it’s for pleasure, release or something that fills a specific purpose, there is no specific thing that drives them to have to do it. They just do. It works for them and could be daily or entirely sporadic. When the mood strikes and time permits, it’s done. They don’t really care if they have thousands of readers but think it’s pretty great when people want to read.

Then you have the opportunist.  This blogger started off as a hobbyist and it grew into something more. They have seen an opportunity (surprise right?) and wanted to capitalize on it. They don’t wait for companies to engage them, they engage the companies. They attend conferences, seminars and workshops to learn how to develop and grow themselves as a brand. They absorb as much as they can and love the idea that they can profit from this. Not necessarily just in a financial way, but in a social aspect too. At the end of the day it isn’t just about the compensation, it’s about growth. Growth as an individual (evolve), as a brand (build) and as a blogger (execute).

Last is the careerist. This is a blogger that evolved even further and grew this into something much bigger. This is a blogger who sees what he/she does and puts a price tag on it. They treat it like a business and work with deadlines. They want bigger and better compensation packages for what they do and they work it. They put in the extra time to fine tune the posts, use tools to optimize their work and will do it over and over again until it’s right. Some even do this with full time jobs! (NOTE: I have yet to meet one that hasn’t said “if I could quit my job and stay home to do this full time I would”.) Either way it isn’t the easiest job in the world but it is a job. They rely on the business to pay their bills and fill their needs. They thrive off their readership and not only know their analytics but work them, build them and do it pretty much daily. They are the blog.

With every classification comes a different type of compensation. Much like with every job role there are different wages, expectations and responsibilities associated with it. It works the same with blogging. Two people might have the exact same job, but I bet the person who puts the best effort forth and doesn’t expect something for nothing is the one that is making a little more or is promoted a hell of a lot sooner.

The value the brand places on a blog campaign won’t determine the success rate, choosing the best type of blogger will. Question I guess might be is the brand placing an unrealistic value on the campaign given what they are in turn compensating the bloggers with.

Hobbyist – happy with product in exchange for review
Opportunist – happy to do it if it fits with my brand but how about this as well?
Careerist – you want me? these are my terms, what say you?

Those are some questions for another day. And naturally others will disagree and say there are other blogger classifications, that I have it all wrong etc but I basically look at it as I’ve seen it over the years. I’m calling a kettle a kettle. We can agree to disagree on it okay?

Besides, this is MY blog.

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Why Yes, I am a Bitch!

More often than not lately, I find myself meeting new bloggers, and by new I don't mean fresh outta the box all shiny and shit, I'm referring to ones I just haven't had the displeasure of meeting yet, ones that have been around the block.

Not that being new is a problem. Sometimes being the New Kid on the Block (Yup, I totally just went there with that – I love you Joey Mac!!!) is amazeballs. Companies see you and get giddy and clasp their hands like Mr. Burns and send their minions to hunt you down. Newbs teach us, me, so many things. I do not consider myself seasoned by any means. Until my blog is rolling in 70k a day (visitors people) I think I have a long way to go before I can say seasoned. One word I will use however is established. Not as established as I would really like, but I’m definitely not new.

I will vouch that people know me. I will vouch that people get excited when they know I’m attending a conference they are going to and can’t wait to meet me. I don’t say this to toot my own horn, no really, I say this because it’s true.

Why you ask? No it’s ok, I don’t mind you asking. I get asked the same thing from people, some people repeatedly because they are just as perplexed as I am about it. My own husband reads my blogs (yeah I said blogs, I have quite a handful of them) and as he’s laughing jovially to himself he says it too…why?

I honestly haven’t the slightest idea. I’m not sure I would be excited to meet me if I were you. Mostly because I do everything the opposite of what the masses do. I curse, and don’t give a fuck, I call people on their shit, and it doesn’t bother me. I am so sick and tired of people taking advantage of me, and other people that I care about, that I guess I lost my ‘proper’ button. I am told all the time that I have absolutely no censor button what-so-ever…clearly I lost that one as well. It’s totally rad.

Something I am super tired of though, is people telling me how to blog. People trying to offer up their ‘expertise’ by telling me there is a place and time to be “trashy” and the blog isn’t that place. This not only makes me laugh but it also pisses me off. If you’ve ever met me in real life, not sitting behind a computer screen, you notice first and foremost how straight up I am. What you see if what you get…and what you read about. This is who I am. This is who I am in real life every single day. I get happy, sad, mad, irritated, super ragingly pissed, giggle happy and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Ok I lie. I would change something. I would change how I let THOSE people define me. THOSE are the people that live in a dream world. I would lick the sweat of a…err cheeseburger if for once I could go to a conference, or a workshop, where everyone showed up exactly how they do to their real life each day. I’d be the first one jumping in to the photo with the chick that has the hottest pajama pants I’ve ever seen and perfectly unperfect hair and make-up. Why? Because she’s the bloggess I want to read about. She’s the one that along with her coffee stained favourite shirt (that I swear when I find in my size again I’m replacing) is laying it down raw and real and not afraid to be her brand.

I don’t pretend to live some glamorous life. I don’t pretend that my marriage and family life is perfect (although I won’t lie, it’s pretty damn close right now). I don’t think that the number of views my blog gets, or how many times I’ve been asked to guest post makes me better than anyone else. People become so caught up in this “spotlight” that they don’t even have the damn time to work with an actual brand doing shit. So they pop up a giveaway on their blog but I bet if asked them it some wouldn’t even remember which one you were talking about. The little guys, whether new or completely seasoned, some experts even (that haven’t got that glazed eye look yet), are the ones that can have the absolute most impact on anything you work with them for.

How do you become one of these people? Be real. Be honest. Be blunt. BE YOU! People whether brands or fellow blog masters, appreciate it, appreciate YOU. They value your opinions.

Of course I’m sure there are ones that I have scared away because of my complete lack of ability to ass kiss my way around, but that’s ok. I have chosen to disassociate myself with so many who do just that. When your fake persona is gushing from every facet of your being, and hanging out your ass, and you are failing to realize that it is doing just that, I just can’t bring myself to not call you on your shit at some point.

Despite this entirely sassy, bitchy, forward, completely uncensored image that I haven’t really worked hard at, brands still approach ME. In the beginning I went looking, and occasionally I still do, for opportunities to work with brands and reach out to my readers but at the end of the day my inbox functions just fine. Brands come back and repeatedly do business with me. They find value in my opinion. I have other bloggers messaging/emailing me a lot as well, even through DM on twitter saying they wish they could just spill it and not be so afraid of staining their image, that it is getting hard to keep up with the show. Some have even said they are blogging less and less.

My response? Stop being a pussy already. Why are you trying to impress all the wrong people?! They are the same people that will toss your ass under the bus one day to further their own blogging careers. Toss their useless asses out. Do it!

Unless of course you enjoy being back seat to them. If that is the case, mind putting up MY blog badge on your site and doing some free promotion for me? No, no, of course I’m going to talk to my guy for you and hook you up with all this too…no really. What’s your name again? Thanks.

Yes. I am a bitch. I wasn’t kidding!

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