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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

It's Possessed!!!

Ok so I've had a really ridiculous few weeks with all the stress and endless drama crap going on and I think I just found the icing on the cake (that I shouldn't be eating -- if you seen me you'd understand). I am going to say loud and proud, my car is possessed. No joke!!!

Over the last few months my signals have been tempermental. By this I mean that I will say go left and the right one would come on before having a brain fart moment and going left. Wasn't happening often enough for me to be concerned but I did mention it to my husband who said he basically doesn't have any problems with it.

Fast forward to a week ago when I was out spending home and school money to get the Halloween Haunt done with Tracy and we took her car, only to return hours later and I jumped in my car to go pick up Cynthia and my stereo light was flashing off and on. I flicked the power on and off and nothing changed. I kind of shrugged and tried to ignore it (because we all know THAT solves the problem) and continued to wait for my nephew to come out so we could leave to get Cynthia. While waiting I then realized hmm the car defrost fans etc weren't working and yet I had them turned on.

Growing someone paranoid that the breaks would decide to not work and cause a complete meltdown I shut the car off, waited a few minutes, turned it back on and voila everything worked. Ok, clearly an issue. Told hubby about it again, he took it out and said no problems just keep an eye on it. Ummmm k.

So a few days later and the flashing radio thing happens again but the only thing I had on at the same time was the rear defroster and the wiper. Turned those off and restarted the car and fine. WTF times 10.

THEN...THEN today...omg today SUCKS!!!

I get all the kids in the car, take a drop off Cynthia without issue, and as I'm within 3 minutes of the kids school the horn goes off...FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!!! I wasn't even touching it. It just goes off like I was laying on it. Of course I get a look for the other driving proceeding through the stop sign and I'm like wtf, I didn't do it. So I start to pull over and it stops. So I signal and start driving again and like 30 feet down the road it does it again. I'm embarrassed all to hell and I pull over, turn off the lights as it's not bright enough I don't HAVE to have them on, and after a few I drive off again and nothing.

Like really???? Clearly this car either hates me or just hates me because I have no other explanation. I call the husband, he says he was driving it all last night with lights on, music on and everything else and it was fine. So the only conclusion I can come to is it's possessed...and possessed cars cost a damn fortune to fix...and diagnose for that matter...

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